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Bird City Expected to Be On Feb 4 City Council Agenda

A resolution to designate Stillwater as a "Bird City" is expected to go before the City Council again next month for a vote. YOU are requested to join us at the City Council meeting, Feb. 4 - either the 4:40pm or the 7pm meeting. We will send out another bulletin with specifics before the meeting. A show of support from the community would be awesome!

(Photo by Carl Wegener)

Sustainable Stillwater's GreenStep Workgroup plans to host an event at Washington Square Park in Stillwater May 23, 2020 to usher in our new Bird City goals and achievements.

The next meeting of the Bird City workgroup is January 14, 6:30pm, Nature Interpretive Center, Sunfish Lake Park, Lake Elmo. Contact for more information.

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