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(Joanna has pulled her name from the running.)

Linda Countryman: 

"My education, experience and strengths are in environmental education, grant writing, project management and general legal oversight. I am not a math and science graduate. The bookkeeping and accounting I've done is by default to help my husband run his electrical business. So I've become familiar with QuickBooks but by no means am I an expert nor am I expert at creating or interpreting spreadsheets. That said, I feel our treasurer should be better versed in math, balancing books and tracking the important details for all projects and the SSMN organization overall. In lieu of being treasurer I am offering to Chair the Finance/Fundraising Committee in all its facets. This will include working closely with our bookkeeper and treasurer. My role would be distinct from, but complementary to theirs. Thanks to all who nominated me!"

Nancy Lyner:

"In considering the position of Board Treasurer, I believe I would try to accomplish more structure, accountability, and budgets for the organization as a whole and per project/program.  Sustainable Stillwater MN is a new non-profit that needs some internal organization.  From my years working at a nonprofit that went from an operating budget of $700,000 to $3,000,000, in the years I was there, I have experience with growth and finance for non-profit organizations.  Working in fundraising or development, I had to create (and work with program leads) to produce a working budget, provide it to funders and then hold ourselves accountable to the budget. From our discussion last night especially, I think we need to discover what each of our great ideas cost, where and how each project will be funded, and learn to stay within those boundaries. I am not a math major or a CPA, but I could contribute basic non-profit budgeting and finance work, collaborate with Jenni the new accountant, and give Board members a financial picture at monthly Board meetings."

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