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Join Our Board of Directors

Embark on a Leadership Voyage with Sustainable Stillwater MN

Have you ever dreamed of shaping a community's future? Here's your golden ticket! We're scouting for passionate individuals, like YOU, to join our distinguished Board of Directors.


Why Join SSMN's Board of Directors?

  1. 🎯 Drive Our Vision: As the highest leadership body, you're not just a part of the organization, you are the organization. You decide our purpose, goals, and strategic paths.

  2. 💡 Influence and Impact: From reviewing and implementing new initiatives to ensuring we're on the right path with our commitments, your voice and decisions will shape our trajectory.

  3. 🌐 Become an Ambassador: Represent SSMN and be the face of sustainable change. As you voice our cause, you'll be ensuring our commitment reflects the diverse communities we serve.

  4. 📚 Continuous Learning: Deepen your understanding of sustainability, governance, and community dynamics, as you actively engage in setting up educational opportunities for a wider audience.

  5. 🎉 Exclusive Perks: On top of the incredible impact and growth opportunities, enjoy exclusive discounts on SSMN swag and always be in-the-know about the latest happenings!

What's in Store for You?

  • Regular Engagements: Monthly board meetings, committee collaborations, and strategic planning sessions.

  • Evaluation & Improvement: Regularly measure our effectiveness using set metrics, and ensure we’re always at the pinnacle of our performance.

  • Financial Oversight: Guard our mission by approving budgets, reviewing audit reports, and making key business decisions.

  • Community Building: Engage hands-on with community events and play a pivotal role in creating a brighter, sustainable future.

Join a Standing Committee

  • Communications Committee: Manages member and public engagement on forums and social media, ensuring alignment with the organization's policies. They distribute key organizational documents, produce board-approved publications, maintain volunteer records, draft communication plans, and oversee volunteer and member lists.

  • Membership Committee: Drives volunteer engagement by promoting donations and organizing recruitment events. They collaborate with the Board on diversity goals and ensure a warm onboarding for new volunteers.

  • Fundraising Committee: Works with key organizational members to set fundraising goals, oversees all fundraising activities, recruits event volunteers, evaluates event success, and manages timely financial transactions, liaising with the Treasurer.

This isn't just a position; it's a call to action. Become a beacon of change, a leader in sustainability, and most importantly, an invaluable member of our community.

🌿 Dive in, and let's create waves of sustainable change together. Join our Board today! 🌿

Your Responsibility on the Board

As a key member of SSMN's apex leadership team, you're at the forefront of our mission. Tasked with essential fiduciary duties, you play a central role in determining SSMN's objectives and purposes. You'll be involved in selecting and regularly evaluating the performance of the chief executive. Your input is vital in strategic and organizational planning. You ensure that there's robust fiduciary oversight and sound financial management in place. Furthermore, you'll lead the charge in fundraising, resource development, and in approving and monitoring of SSMN's initiatives, programs, and services. You'll also be the voice enhancing SSMN's public image, while always keeping a check on your collective performance as the governing force of SSMN.

Your Role as an Individual Board Member

As an esteemed board member, you're the embodiment of SSMN's ethos. It's expected that you familiarize yourself with SSMN’s legacy, its vision, mission, foundational pillars, core values, guiding policies, dynamic programs, and ongoing needs. You'll interpret and translate SSMN’s work and values to the community, stepping up as a spokesperson when needed. Proactively stay updated about SSMN's happenings, ask the necessary questions, and always seek relevant information. You'll be a key advocate and ambassador for SSMN, actively identifying and securing crucial financial resources and partnerships. Your commitment will shine through an annual meaningful personal contribution, preparation for board meetings, and active participation in all pivotal discussions and events. Ensure that you understand SSMN’s financial nuances, make informed decisions, and step back from any discussions that might pose a conflict of interest. Engage actively in committees, fundraising endeavors, and collaborate efficiently with staff and fellow board members to achieve SSMN's objectives.

Your General Duties as a Board Member

You have a suite of general duties to adhere to. Regularly attend the monthly meetings and any supplemental committee meetings. Your keen insight will be crucial in submitting or reviewing new initiatives, prepping for meetings, and suggesting potential edits to prior meeting minutes. Each year, collaborate with fellow board members to draft a strategic plan, provide input for the performance evaluation of the board chair, and help develop metrics to gauge SSMN’s impact. You'll also play a role in greenlighting annual budgets, audit reports, and major business decisions, ensuring you're always abreast of your legal and fiduciary responsibilities. Engage actively with stakeholders, champion SSMN's mission, and always uphold the organization's commitment to diversity. Make a point to represent the board at a volunteer event annually, showcasing your dedication and involvement.

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