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Brought to the City Council of Stillwater by Nance Purcell, a longtime SSMN supporter, the No Mow May initiative was unanimously passed at t

More about the 100% bill:

The 100% clean electricity bill is not perfect, but it is a huge and important step forward for Minnesota to achieve sustainability and equi

Norway Knows Best

Want to raise kids who love the outdoors? Try a little friluftsliv. (A Norwegian word, pronounced “Free-Loofs-Leaf,” and can be literally tr

Winter Bird Tour - Feb 27, 2023

Looking for an unforgettable winter outing? Join us for a professionally led bird tour! Led by Kyle Te Poel of "Next Bend Birding" - Kyle...

Shared Climate Stories from the Gala

A climate story is a personal account of climate change from your experience and observations, ranging from despair to hope, from loss to re

Our First Fundraising Gala - Success!

We had over 150 guests, all folks with an interest in doing whatever they can, physically, financially, and even spiritually, to help Stillw


Looking for a volunteer opportunity for your group or company employees? We'll work with you to plan a trash dash in a location that means s

Climate Action Plan Progress

We will continue working with city staff members to see if we can find project partners for them or locate state funding.

Tribute to Matt Dynan

A bench to remember our friend Matt Dynan has been installed in Lily Lake Park. This memorial bench was created with funds donated by his fa

Volunteers Restore Lily Lake Habitat

Lily Lake has been removed from the state's Impaired Waters List thanks to the work of Sustainable Stillwater MN, the Lily Lake Association,

Sustainability Works! Gala and Awards

Join us as we communicate, contribute and celebrate sustainability in our community! Time & Location Nov 10, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM The Loft...

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