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Have time to be on the board or in a workgroup?


BOD Member (oversees organization, working member)

Description: They are the highest leadership body of SSMN and are responsible for determining our goals and purpose, strategic and organizational planning, ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management, approving and monitoring SSMN’s initiatives, enhancing our public image, and assessing our own performance as the governing body. 

Duties: Attend monthly meetings plus any extra committee meetings. Submit/review and approve/reject new initiatives. Review meeting agenda and support materials prior to board and committee meetings. Review and suggest edits to previous meeting minutes. Develop and implement a strategic plan yearly with the other board members. Serve on committees or task forces and take on special assignments when needed. Contributing to an annual performance evaluation of the board chair. Create and review outcomes and metrics created by SSMN for evaluating its impact, and regularly measuring its performance and effectiveness using those metrics. Approve SSMN’s annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions; be informed of, and meet all, legal and fiduciary responsibilities. Represent SSMN to stakeholders; act as an ambassador for the organization. Ensure SSMN’s commitment to a diverse board and staff that reflects the communities SSMN serves.

Perks: Help determine SSMN's priorities. Become a leader of sustainability in our community Create educational opportunities for residents, tourists, and businesses. Be hands-on and involved with community activities. Be the first to know about upcoming initiatives. Receive a discount on our SSMN Swag and much more!


Multiple Different Position Available

To learn more about being a CORE workgroup volunteer please visit each of our different workgroups' webpages. CORE workgroup volunteers help organize, plan, and execute projects and events. They meet, report, and take direction from Workgroup Leaders. They help make things happen for SSMN.


Ambassador (represent SSMN in the community)

Description: Ambassadors are individuals who represent and promote Sustainable Stillwater MN in the community. Our ambassador volunteers come in many forms. They range from Bird City leaders to city officials to cigarette canister monitor volunteers. Ambassadors can even lead their own independent initiative with the backing of SSMN.

Duties: Promote SSMN in a positive light while attending community events. Share our initiatives, programs, and upcoming events with the public. If leading an independent initiative, report status monthly to a board member or workgroup leader. 

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