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Why fundraising for sustainability is imperative

The role of non-profit organizations during the climate crisis.

When we hear the word “fundraiser,” many often connect it to contributions towards a GoFundMe page for family or friends, raising funds for sports teams for new equipment or uniforms, or even for our favorite charities, such as the Salvation Army. When we don’t see the long-term effects of our efforts, it’s easy to forget about the cause or choose not to invest in the future.

For these reasons, Sustainable Stillwater MN (SSMN) is thrilled to announce its first fundraiser on November 10. This event will not only fund the nonprofit’s continued work in the community, but it will also serve as an opportunity to educate further. With direct, local impacts and involvement,

Building up a city on the brink of the climate crisis is one of the most powerful tools we have to ensure our resilience as we face threats from climate change. We can lobby our local politicians to create and develop emergency preparedness plans and invest our city-wide resources and funds responsibly. However, nonprofit organizations like SSMN, whose sole mission is to support local initiatives that promote sustainability, are able to directly use funds toward projects, solutions, and innovations related to climate change.

Unfortunately, many news outlets have created daunting messages regarding the climate crisis that have scared away people who see their efforts as hopeless. These messages have instilled fear in our society, often saying that it’s too “late” to save the planet or “difficult” to reduce our greenhouse emissions.

However, SSMN’s ability to connect on a community level and create content tailored to locals has ensured the transfer of educational and hopeful environmental stewardship. Through this fundraising event, SSMN plans to cultivate an inspiring, hopeful message to donors about their personal sustainability and role in projects relevant to the community’s environmental health. That way, attendees can leave with the knowledge regarding their own personal power in the environmental movement, as well as a look into the long-term benefits of their donations for future generations.

That being said, when we are asked to donate our funds and time towards nonprofit initiatives, SSMN shows progress in social movements that seem too complicated or complex for the average citizen to do something about.

By Tess Fitzhenry

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