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4 Myths From Electric Vehicle Haters – And Why They’re Wrong (Article Repost)

Battery electric vehicles have been the ray of hope for automotive sales during the pandemic, rising to 4.7% of the market in the UK. In Europe, JATO figures put the percentage of BEVs, Hybrid EVs and Plug-in Hybrid EVs at 18% of total registrations in July. But despite the burgeoning sales, as I discussed a few weeks ago, there’s a lot of negativity about EVs, fueled by fear of change and possibly by those with vested interests in maintaining the status quo. Huge arguments ensue online about EVs, so here are four of the most frequent themes, and why they are missing the mark by an electric mile.

  1. EVs Are Made with Polluting Minerals Mined by Children

  2. EVs Are A Fire Hazard

  3. EV Batteries Only Last A Few Years

  4. EVs Are Too Expensive

4 Myths From Electric Vehicle Haters
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