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5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has sprung! If you’re ready for a deep clean and a fresh start to the season, we’ve got just the thing for you. Here are 5 spring cleaning tips, broken down by room, to help you clean and effectively recycle.


Tip #1: Make your clean green! Try making your own cleaning products with what’s in your kitchen!

Tip #2: Make signs to put over your recycling bins that detail what’s accepted by your curbside recycling services to help your friends and family understand what can go in the blue bin and avoid wishcycling.


Tip #3: Your recycling bin doesn’t just have to live in your kitchen. Put one in your bathroom for easy access too!

Laundry Room

Tip #4: Speaking of laundry duty, did you know air-drying your clothes can help reduce your carbon footprint? Try it out this spring!

Living Room

Tip #5: Instead of lighting one-time use candles, try freshening up your family room with dried lavender or adding some air-purifying plants

Happy cleaning!

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