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Bike Agenda Moves Forward for 2021

Bicycling popularity has grown during the pandemic.

Both retailers and manufacturers say they haven't seen such demand for bikes in several decades. So we haven't slowed down either. The Bicycle-Friendly Community Workgroup is determined to complete our application to BikeMN for Stillwater's certification as a Bike-Friendly Community by August 2021.

We believe bicycling will be a popular COVID-safe activity and that it can be safely promoted once the snow clears out in the spring.

Several priorities are:

  • developing a school bicycle education program involving several local elementary schools to coincide with National Bike to School Day in early May;

  • working with the city for purchase and installation of several permanent bike rack systems for downtown Stillwater (which will help bicyclists gain easier access to Main Street);

  • and helping to create a local group ride, formally sponsored by the Stillwater Sunrise Rotary Club but will be supported by SSMN as a bicycle-friendly event tentatively scheduled for August 15, 2021.

- Rick Heidick, Bike-Friendly Team

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