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Bluebird Success At Last

Our second year was completed with 6 volunteers monitoring 15 nesting boxes. Last year we had 10 and added 5 more this year. 2 at Boutwell Cemetery and 3 at HP clinic grounds. Next year we will have 3 more at HP. HP has been very generous in offering their site and making the bluebird houses. Thanks to Eric Siskow and his crew. First-year success with 2 bluebird nestings!

Sites were re-evaluated with Dennis Lindecke, Gateway Trail bluebird nesting coordinator, and several were moved to hopefully increase the number of nestings. Other birds that benefited from the boxes were mainly tree swallows which are good bluebird neighbors. Had some issues with boxes being affected by the public. One pole had been mysteriously run over by a lawn mower and one box had been repeatedly put on backward preventing birds from using it. Hopefully, that will not re-occur. No future need for more volunteers at this time. Plan to continue to look for more suitable sites to place a few more houses in the future. Thanks to all for this year's success!

Judy Novak is the volunteer in the photo.

The nest is visible on the NW corner of the bike trail bridge over Manning.

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