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Climate Science and Solutions - Westminster Forum

Climate Science and Solutions - Spring 2022 at the Forum

This spring, the Westminster Town Hall Forum is presenting a series of programs on one of the most pressing issues facing humanity: climate change.

Five women on the forefront of climate science and policy will speak at the Forum.

  • Online Now: Dr. Katharine Hayhoe: The Case for Climate Hope

  • March 11 (7 pm): Dr. Danielle Wood, Using Space Technology to Improve Life

  • March 25: Dr. Lisa Schulte Moore, Climate Solutions Rooted in the Soil

  • April 6: Elizabeth Kolbert, The Nature of the Future

  • April 27: Colette Pinchon-Battle Advancing Equity Through Ethical Climate Adaptations

Together, these speakers will illuminate the ways climate change is already impacting our lives and what we can do to change course. Their focus will be solutions, which we hope will inspire more Minnesotans to not just think about climate change, but act.

Join in-person or online

The next four programs in our spring season will be in-person at Westminster. We will follow Westminster Covid-safety protocols and hope you will join us! All Forums will also be live-streamed on our website and on our Facebook page. We are investing time, resources, and talent in our live-stream capabilities so you can watch or listen to these programs