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Sustainable Stillwater MN Joins Hands with Eco-Collective by Tru Earth: Let's Make a Change Together

Hey eco-warriors! We are thrilled to announce our latest fundraising initiative in collaboration with Eco-Collective by Tru Earth. As part of our mission to promote sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint, we have launched an eco-fundraiser where 20% of the sales go directly to our initiatives when you shop through our exclusive fundraising link: Shop and Support Sustainable Stillwater MN (

Dive into a Plastic-Free Lifestyle

With a catalog full of everyday eco-friendly products, this is your golden chance to make your daily life a little more sustainable. From zero-waste home essentials to lifestyle products, everything is 100% reusable. Not to mention, you'll be receiving your orders in plastic-free packaging!

Our Top Picks

For those of you wondering where to start, here are some of our fundraising favorites:

  • Bamboo Cotton Rounds: A 12-pack set that comes with a laundry bag and travel pouch.

  • Fruit Salad Oatmeal Leftovers Store: Complete with silicone stretch lids.

  • Laundry Detergent Strips: Dive into the magic of Net Zero Strips.

  • Beeswax Food Wraps: A 3-pack set to help you bid adieu to plastic wraps.

And much more! Check out the full range here.

Every Swap Counts!

Every single product you swap for an eco-friendly alternative contributes to a more sustainable future. It's not just about reducing single-use plastics, but about committing to a planet-friendly lifestyle. And with Eco-Collective's promise of planting a tree with every order, your purchase supports not just us, but our planet at large.

Why Choose Eco-Collective?

1. The Threat to Our Health: Our weekly consumption of plastic is equivalent to a credit card. The toxicity of plastics not only harms the planet but also disrupts our bodily functions.

2. Impact on Oceans: The Great Pacific Plastic Garbage Patch is a grim reminder of our excessive plastic use, with microplastics finding their way into crustaceans and eventually back into the water.

3. Envisioning a Plastic-Free Future: While the rate of plastic production has skyrocketed since the 1950s, more than 50% of these plastics are meant for single use only.

But with Eco-Collective, there's hope! By providing sustainable alternatives, they are on a mission to divert daily plastic use and make our world a better place.

Join the Movement!

Every small step counts in our journey towards a sustainable future. Let's create a world where we coexist with nature in harmony. Shop, support, and let’s pave the way for a greener tomorrow, one product at a time.

Happy eco-shopping! 🌱🌍💚

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