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GreenStep Plans 2020 Projects

The City of Stillwater's GreenStep Coordinator Graham Tait now meets regularly with our GreenStep Workgroup of Sheila Maybanks,  Ann Martin, and others who keep tabs on the city's progress as a GreenStep City

GreenStep is a Minnesota effort to help cities become more livable and sustainable.

Stillwater officials' goals for next year include increasing reuse and recycling policies to Stillwater, adopting a sustainable purchasing system, creating a public/private tree-planting project, and launching "green tourism" and "buy local" campaigns. 

GreenStep plans in 2021 will include a makeover for downtown so that it's more pedestrian-friendly and livable in alignment with Minnesota's Complete Streets policy .

Want to help us? Write us at .

To see Stillwater's ongoing progress in reaching GreenStep goals, click here. Stillwater will soon have a sign like this one below thanks to Ann and Sheila's efforts.

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