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GreenStep Team Welcomes City PlannerTim Gladhill, New Initiatives

With the departure of Graham Tait (see final story below), the city's liaison to our GreenStep team, this month, GreenStep members are honored to have new Community Development Director Tim Gladhill sitting in on our meetings until Graham’s replacement is found.

Community Development Director Tim Gladhill

Tim has expressed an interest in working closely with Sustainable Stillwater MN to make the city more sustainable. Among the first sustainable measures during his tenure will be a study of how more facets of the Complete Streets program can be integrated into local ordinances. This will aid in completing the requirements to reach Level 3 in the GreenStep program in 2022. SSMN is also continuing to work behind the scenes on a Climate Action Plan to be a part of the city's annual planning meeting in July.

SSMN has also added a new team, “Energy and Climate,” led by Spencer Middleton, and “Community Cleanup," led by Sofie Cohen. We'll have more info this spring! The “Natural Resource” workgroup, managed by Louise Watson, will break into separate groups:

  • Bluebird Recovery Program for 2022 is being planned by Janet Kortuem.

  • Rain Garden Maintenance will begin in March led by Ruth Alliband.

  • Storm drain stenciling starts up in April with the return of Cameron Murray for areas draining into the river. SAHS ECC students and other volunteers will hold work parties in areas draining into lakes and wetlands.

  • Caitlin Bergh will start up monthly "What’s That Plant" events in early May as weather permits.

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