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Workgroup Leader: Roger Tomten

The Climate Action Team is focused on decreasing energy consumption, supporting renewable energy generation, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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The purpose of this workgroup is to reduce and ultimately transition away from fossil fuel-based energy consumption in Stillwater. 


  • Every Stillwater resident and business learn about, examines, and pursues cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

  • All properties owned by the City of Stillwater have solar panels on every rooftop and LEDs in every light fixture.

  • Heating, cooling, and lighting schedules for local buildings match the schedules of the occupants to eliminate energy waste.

  • Accessible and affordable electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure that enables EVs to become more common than gas-powered vehicles.

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Home Energy Conservation focuses on providing information and education on residential energy consumption and savings. We’ve made a guide that helps Stillwater residents understand:

  • the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources,

  • the importance of energy conservation, and

  • how to identify if home energy conservation is something you want to consider doing

Climate Action Team: Who We Are
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