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Workgroup Leader: Spencer Middleton

The Energy and Climate Workgroup is focused on decreasing energy consumption, supporting renewable energy generation, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Please contact Spencer, if you would like to be a core volunteer.

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The purpose of this workgroup is to reduce and ultimately transition away from fossil fuel-based energy consumption in Stillwater. 


  • Every Stillwater resident and business learn about, examines, and pursues cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

  • All properties owned by the City of Stillwater have solar panels on every rooftop and LEDs in every light fixture.

  • Heating, cooling, and lighting schedules for local buildings match the schedules of the occupants to eliminate energy waste.

  • Accessible and affordable electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure that enables EVs to become more common than gas-powered vehicles.

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Home Energy Conservation focuses on providing information and education on residential energy consumption and savings. We’ve made a guide that helps Stillwater residents understand:

  • the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources,

  • the importance of energy conservation, and

  • how to identify if home energy conservation is something you want to consider doing

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