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Environment Work Area

Nurturing and improving the natural environment of the community we live in

Living amidst plant, animal, and water resources is both our pleasure and our responsibility. Let’s understand them and manage them for their roles in sustainability.


Bird City Stillwater

Stillwater is now a “Bird City” with signs posted at the city’s entrances so that visitors will know that Stillwater appreciates and cares for our birds. What can Stillwater residents do to protect and appreciate our native birds? Here are several ways to live a Bird-Friendly Life. First, we all work to protect and enhance natural habitat, not use neonicotinoids, work on our “urban forest” and educate and engage people on birds.

Cigarette Clean Up

A Make America Beautiful grant was procured in 2019 to install cigarette disposal canisters around downtown Stillwater. SSMN, the local business owners, and downtown visitors are all grateful for this project. Contact us to request your own cigarette canister or to help monitor a cigarette disposal box and dispose of cigarette litter regularly to keep our downtown street clean. 


Protect Our Waters

Volunteer fifteen minutes, twice a month, for cleaner waterways and healthier communities. Storm drains flow directly to local lakes, rivers, and wetlands, acting as a conduit for trash and organic pollutants. Protect Our Waters asks residents to adopt a storm drain in their neighborhood and keep it clear of leaves, trash, and other debris to reduce water pollution.

Rain Garden Maintenance

Looking for a volunteer opportunity to do on your own? Maintaining rain gardens throughout Stillwater is a full-time job that requires many willing volunteers from neighboring homes. If you live near one of these gems and would like to help out, please contact our lead, Ruth Alliband. She would thoroughly enjoy the assistance in maintaining these important parts of our community.


What's That Plant?

Join us for these week-long "What's That Plant?" events along Browns Creek Trail! Discover the plants around you with informative signage, no registration is needed. But we need volunteers to help plan and set up signs. Interested in nature and lending a hand? Get in touch!

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