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Happy Pride Month from SSMN!

At Sustainable Stillwater MN, we understand the importance of recognizing and celebrating diversity in all its forms. One powerful emblem of this commitment to inclusivity is the Intersex-Inclusive Pride Progress Flag, designed to honor every individual within the LGBTQI+ community. This flag not only stands for gender and sexual diversity but also connects deeply with the broader ideals of social and environmental justice.

SSMN - The Intersex-Inclusive Progress Pride Flag.

A Brief History of the Pride Flag

The journey of the Pride flag is one of continuous evolution and inclusion. It began in the 1970s when activists introduced the rainbow flag as a symbol of the LGBTQI+ community's diversity. Over the decades, various iterations have emerged to ensure that no group within the community feels overlooked or marginalized.

  • 1999: Monica Helms designed the Transgender Pride Flag, with light blue representing boys, pink representing girls, and white symbolizing those who are transitioning, intersex, or identify outside the gender binary.

  • 2013: Morgan Carpenter created the Intersex Flag, featuring a yellow background with a purple circle, symbolizing wholeness and contrasting traditional gender colors.

  • 2017: Philadelphia's addition of black and brown stripes to the rainbow flag emphasized the inclusion of LGBTQI+ people of color.

  • 2018: Daniel Quasar's Pride Progress Flag incorporated these colors with a chevron, highlighting the ongoing fight for inclusion and progress.

  • 2021: Valentino Vecchietti introduced the Intersex-Inclusive Progress Pride Flag, adding the intersex symbol to further embrace and advocate for intersex individuals.

The Intersex-Inclusive Progress Pride Flag
The Intersex-Inclusive Progress Pride Flag

The Intersex-Inclusive Progress Pride Flag: A Deeper Look

The Intersex-Inclusive Progress Pride Flag is a layering of queer flags and graphics, symbolizing the unity and diversity of the LGBTQI+ community. It combines:

  • The six-striped rainbow flag, representing the broad spectrum of the community.

  • White, pink, and blue stripes from the Transgender Pride Flag, symbolizing transgender individuals and those outside the cisgender binary.

  • Black and brown stripes from the Philadelphia Pride Flag, acknowledging queer people of color.

  • Yellow and a purple circle from the Intersex Flag, highlighting intersex individuals' autonomy and integrity.

Vecchietti's design reflects the ongoing struggles and triumphs of marginalized communities within the LGBTQI+ family. As journalist Shar Jossell notes, the flag is not just about inclusion; it's a symbol of an ongoing human rights struggle.

Connecting to Social and Environmental Justice

The Intersex-Inclusive Pride Progress Flag does more than celebrate diversity; it stands as a beacon for social and environmental justice. Here's how:

Social Justice: The flag's evolution mirrors the broader social justice movements that advocate for the rights of all marginalized groups. By including symbols representing various identities, the flag emphasizes the need for visibility, recognition, and respect for everyone. It calls attention to the intersectionality of struggles faced by LGBTQI+ individuals, particularly those who are also people of color or intersex.

Environmental Justice: At Sustainable Stillwater MN, we recognize that environmental justice is intrinsically linked to social justice. Marginalized communities often face the brunt of environmental degradation and climate change. By promoting inclusivity and diversity, the Intersex-Inclusive Pride Progress Flag aligns with our mission to advocate for equitable treatment and the fair distribution of environmental benefits and burdens.

Celebrating Diversity and Advocacy

At Sustainable Stillwater MN, we celebrate this flag as a powerful representation of unity, inclusivity, and progress. It reminds us that the fight for equality and justice, both social and environmental, is ongoing and that every voice matters.

By embracing the Intersex-Inclusive Pride Progress Flag, we affirm our commitment to supporting and advocating for all members of our community. Let us continue to work together to build a more inclusive, just, and sustainable world for everyone.


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