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Sally Manzara - Upcoming Tree Plantings

Celebrate Earth Day Again! SSMN is helping promote and support Sally Manzara Interpretive Nature Center upcoming Earth Day Tree Plantings.

Earth Day is officially April 22nd but we have three planting events scheduled to celebrate the occasion – you are cordially invited to participate in all of them. These events will run from 9-noon with a picnic lunch afterwards. If you are planning to participate, please email with the names and ages of those who will be there, and the date(s) you will be coming, so enough food can be provided. Depending on the weather, here is the plan:

On Saturday April 30th, we will be planting 75 oak seedlings in the Park area that has been cleared of buckthorn. Only a spade is needed.

On Saturday May 7th, we will be planting native grasses and sedges in marked areas. A good job for kids of all ages!

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