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SSMN Joins in Minnesota Bluebird Recovery

SSMN begins its one-year apprenticeship in the Bluebird Recovery Program MN the week of April 11. Dennis Lindeke will be identifying 10 new bluebird nesting sites along the Gateway Browns Creek Trail and SSMN volunteers will assist with installing 10 bluebird houses.

For the following 11 months, SSMN volunteers will learn the protocol, and assist with monitoring and documenting the status of each bluebird house. By April 2021 SSMN will be an official Bluebird Recovery Minnesota Program member. Dennis Lindeke is a long-time Board member of the Gateway Browns Creek Trail Assn.

Thank you Dennis for involving Sustainable Stillwater MN! Sustainable Stillwater MN trainees are Louise Watson, Gina Pitera, Jennifer Koenning, John Koch, Judy Novak, and Karen. There is room for more!

Read more about the Bluebird Recovery Program along the Gateway Browns Creek Trail:

Email: to sign up.

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