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Stillwater City Council Endorses Green Business Directory

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Mayor Ted Kozlowski says of, "I love it!" And shortly thereafter, a resolution unanimously passed in the Stillwater City Council to support the project. The Greater Stillwater Area Green Business Directory and Awards is off to a great start. A project of Sustainable Stillwater MN, the Green Business Directory and Awards is now online. Volunteers pulled together the funding, the partners, qualification criteria, the applications, the graphic branding, the website, and the social media required, including an alliance with, a national certification nonprofit, and the Washington County BizRecycling program.

See what the resolution says:

2021-077 (Supporting Sustainable Stillwater MN’s Greater Stillwater Area Green Business Di
Download • 549KB

The project celebrates and certifies companies in Washington County as green, sustainable, and resilient. Among the member companies is a memorial forest in Scandia where one can purchase a family tree -- Better Place Forests. A landscaper who specializes in native plants and keeps gardens beautiful without chemicals -- Artisan Environments. A clothing shop that buys only local - Minnesota Made Apparel. A Nielsen survey recently found that 90% of Millennials prefer and will pay more for sustainable goods and services.'s Green Business Directory has 30 companies now that have been awarded Bronze, Silver, or Gold Level status at Our goal is to get to 100 companies by the end of the year. Businesses: Apply Today!

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