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What's That Plant? Event is Back for Another year!

The What's That Plant? event is a week-long event that happens monthly from May through September 2023. No registrations are needed. Stop by at your leisure. Plant signs stay up all week!

Understanding what grows on and lives in our yards and parks will help us better understand how to keep our natural settings healthy. A diverse plant area can attract and support many more bees, birds, bugs, and butterflies than mowed lawns. As we develop more land, we lose diverse habitats, which means we lose habitats for bees, birds, bugs, and butterflies!

What: Trailside plant identification displays

Where: Browns Creek Trail starting at the Neal Ave Park 8312 Neal Ave N, Stillwater, MN 55082 (View on map):

  • Garden at the parking lot

  • Trail east of the parking lot for 1/4 mile distance.

When: Signs will be up throughout the first week of each month:​

  • May 1st - 7th

  • June 1st - 7th

  • July 1st - 7th