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Years of Work Pay Off for Bicycling in Stillwater

All the efforts of Rick Heidick of Sustainable Stillwater MN's Bicycle Friendly Community Workgroup, with cooperation from volunteers and city officials, have paid off! The League of American Bicyclists has certified Stillwater as a bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community, making us the 33rd Minnesota's community to receive this distinction.

What does this mean for our fair city? Something for everyone. More business for the business community. Tourism helps our economy. More bike amenities and services. Publicity on the League's website. SSMN is committed to working with the city and county for more trailheads, more off-road trails, designated bike routes on city streets, and more bike parking racks, more bicycle education (for youth, adults, and motorists), and more bike lanes markings and connectivity. We're on our way!

Browns Creek Trail and the Loop Trail are shining star attractions for our city. The winter Fat Tire race and the summer Bridge the Valley Bike Rally are now expected to be annual events. By enhancing the culture of bicycling in Stillwater, especially with a focus on safety and inclusion, the “livability” of Stillwater will grow, and Stillwater will continue to be attractive to residents and visitors alike. See the City Council, Rick, and volunteers at the presentation at City Hall Dec. 21 on video here.

A shoutout to all those who helped put this together: CITY LEADERS: Mike Polehna, Jason Grode, Shawn Sanders, Tom McCarty. Brad Junker, Tim Gladhill. WORKGROUP: Nancy Lyner, Mike Lyner, Mark Trumper, Kris Bowditch. BikeMN: Dorian Grilley, Natalie Gille. Thank you!!

This certification is a key accomplishment in one of our three pillars of focus -- building a healthy and connected community. Below (left to right: Public Works Director Shawn Sanders, Mayor Ted Kozlowski, City Manager Tom McCarty, Councilman Mike Polehna, Rick Heidick of Sustainable Stillwater MN.

Bicycle Friendly Community Fall 2021 Survey of Stillwater MN

BFC Fall 2021_Survey_Stillwater_MN
Download PDF • 461KB

Bicycle Friendly Community Fall 2021 Report Card for Stillwater MN

Download PDF • 159KB

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