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Group Leader: Michelle Gutwein

Trees are a vital part of our community, providing us with shelter, clean air and water, food, recreation opportunities, and so much more!  We want to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by being involved in tree-planting efforts, whether through our tree-planting activities or findings ways to promote protect and replant trees within our communities.


The Tree Huggers of SSMN is premised on the urgent need to grow and steward urban forests and tree canopy in the Greater Stillwater area on both public and private lands.  We hope to promote the benefit of trees, building and preserving our tree canopy throughout the community, and creating wider adoption, education, and collaboration on tree planting efforts.

What would the Tree Huggers Group like to accomplish in 2023?

  • Provide community and group bonding experiences through tree planting opportunities and create the ability for community feedback on efforts

  • Provide educational and volunteer opportunities to foster community support and encourage good tree management on public/private land

  • Promote involvement and strong connections between SSMN, other like-minded organizations, and partnerships within our city/county services and develop a comprehensive management plan

  • Create educational opportunities, programs, and awareness for children and adults to engage with our team about trees and their impact

Want to learn more or get involved?

Please reach out to Michelle at Team Tree Huggers to get started! 

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