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2021 MN Eco Act Passes

2021 MN Legislature: ECO Act passes thanks to hard work, collaboration

May 20, 2021; Source – Center for Energy and the Environment (CEE);

by Mike Bull


2021 ECO Act Passes
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Minnesota's regular legislative session ended on May 18 with the biggest clean energy win since 2013, strengthening our most successful energy policy in state history. After six years of hard work and deep bipartisan collaboration, the Energy Conservation and Optimization Act (known as "ECO") was approved in both houses and will now be signed into law.
As designed, ECO will protect all the end-use energy efficiency work of the Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) that has already saved Minnesotans $6 billion over the years. Building on CIP's successes, ECO now adds opportunities to leverage energy demand as a more active and significant part of our state's clean energy transition, opening doors to a greater range of fuel choices and more opportunities to benefit from energy use timed to align with periods of lower demand on our energy grid.

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