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Find Energy Efficient Lights

Picking out new bulbs/lamps for your home can be challenging. You don't want to guess whether a bulb is warm, cool, super bright or not bright enough.

There's an efficient LED bulb for every fixture and room, at every brightness, and in every color! Use this guide to learn about bulbs, and our app to find the right ones.

STEP 1 - Decide How Much Light You Need

Focus on Brightness. Different amounts of light are needed for different uses. Instead of thinking about light bulbs based solely on the amount of energy they use, focus on their brightness level.

Lumen is the measurement of brightness. Higher lumen bulbs produce brighter light.

Watt (W) is the measure of power consumption. Lower wattage bulbs can lower your electric bills.


Problem solved: Here's a handy website to help you shop:

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