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Rain Garden Update

The City built rain gardens a few years ago to protect our local water resources. Sustainable Stillwater MN members have adopted six rain gardens along Pine Street. Four of them help reduce pollution to Lily Lake, and two reduce pollution to the St. Croix River.

If an outdoor project will fill your need for fresh air and service to your community, email Louise at to find out where there is a rain garden in need of some of your energy nearby. Sustainable Stillwater MN will provide the yard waste bags, inform the nearest residents of your volunteering, and answer your questions.

Most rain gardens are near private homes and adopted by nearby residents. But those that aren’t are in need of you.

The minimum level of effort we need is:

  1. Spring and fall cleanup of dead leaves and debris.

  2. Weeding out unwanted “opportunist” plants monthly.

  3. Cutting down the plants to winterize the garden by November.

Ruth Alliband (seen above) has done a great job of organizing rain garden groupings around the city and finding volunteers to work with her on improvements. Contact Louise to help:

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