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Reflecting on a Day of Rain Garden Revival in Stillwater

Last week, Stillwater experienced a heartwarming display of community spirit and environmental stewardship. In partnership with Sustainable Stillwater MN (SSMN), the Washington Conservation District (WCD) organized a volunteer rain garden cleanup event, drawing together a diverse group of individuals passionate about preserving our natural spaces.

recap on spring rain garden workshop

Led by Hannah Peterson and joined by Angie Hong from WCD and Ruth Alliband from SSMN, along with fifteen dedicated volunteers, the event kicked off with an introduction at Washington Square Park. From there, volunteers split into five groups, each tasked with revitalizing rain gardens in different areas of Stillwater.

Angie Hong and Hannah Peterson
Angie Hong and Hannah Peterson from WCD

Their mission? To tackle the seasonal challenges of rain garden maintenance, from raking leaves and removing dead plants to picking up litter and weeding. Despite the time constraints, the volunteers poured their energy into the task at hand, making significant progress in just two hours.

Reflecting on the event, Ruth Alliband expressed satisfaction with the outcome while acknowledging the physical demands of the work and the invaluable contributions of high school volunteers. Angie Hong echoed these sentiments, highlighting the intensity of rain garden maintenance and affirming the event's perfect duration.

As the day drew to a close, it was clear that the impact of this collective effort extended far beyond the rain gardens themselves. Through their actions, volunteers not only reduced the burden on WCD's maintenance team but also fostered a sense of community pride and environmental responsibility.

Sustainable Stillwater MN extends a heartfelt thank you to every volunteer who dedicated their time and energy to this important cause. Your commitment to preserving our natural spaces is truly inspiring, and we look forward to continuing this journey of stewardship together.

As we look back on this day of camaraderie and cultivation, let us carry forward the spirit of stewardship that unites us. Together, we can continue to nurture our natural spaces and build a more sustainable future for Stillwater.

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