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Thank You Rain Garden Volunteers!

Our rain garden workgroup has spent many long hours over the last month weeding, digging up "volunteer" trees, and installing solarization materials in rain gardens. Thank you, volunteers! We appreciate your hard work and so does your community.

Ruth, our rain garden expert and leader, advises gardeners to clip off the milkweed seed pods from the milkweed plants in their gardens. If more milkweed than is already their seeds in, the rain gardens will start to look like monocultures. The other plants growing there also feed a spectrum of larvae and butterflies/moths diversifying the rain garden foraging options for insects. Sheering the nepeta to encourage a second flush is also recommended.

Pictured: 1) Johnny L., 604 W. Pine rain garden 2) Derek J. with a bag of volunteer trees 3) Prairie Dropseed And New Mulch, 324 Wilkins

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