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SSMN Purchases Flags for Dangerous Crosswalk

Crosswalks on Main Street in Downtown Stillwater can be a dicey proposition for pedestrians, and one of the trickiest is the one in front of Staples Mill on Main Street. Lots of eye contact and hand signals are required during busy periods to get traffic to stop for pedestrians.

Cameron Murray, whose team manages the downtown cigarette disposal units and storm drain labeling, lives at Stillwater Mills and knows first-hand the danger of this crosswalk. He requested that SSMN provide $200 for pole-mounted containers and flags that will aid pedestrians to signal vehicles and cross safely to the other side. SSMN was happy to provide the funds. The city has agreed to find poles to put them on. Thanks to Cameron for taking the initiative to improve our town!

View Cameron's presentation to the Stillwater's City Council:

Pedestrian flag request 2021
Download PDF • 5.12MB

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