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Stillwater Commits to Becoming a Bike-Friendly Community

The Stillwater City Council approved, and the mayor signed, Sustainable Stillwater's Bicycle Friendly Community Resolution for Stillwater on July 6, 2021. This is a great commitment of support from the city, and should be an important benefit in our Bike-Friendly City certification process.

Here's what the resolution says:

City of Stillwater

Washington County, Minnesota

Resolution 2021-086

RESOLUTION SUPPORTING AN Action Plan for Stillwater to be a Bicycle Friendly Community

WHEREAS, the City of Stillwater strives to be a livable city and supports efforts to provide quality living environments, quality public services and facilities while protecting cultural, historical and natural resources; and

WHEREAS, the City recognizes that increasing bicycle use can improve the environment, reduce congestion, increase opportunities, boost the economy, enhance recreational opportunities, save city funds, enhance public safety, and improve the health and well being of the population by promoting routine physical activity; and

WHEREAS, steps taken by Sustainable Stillwater to create a Bicycle Friendly Community improves significant potential benefits of bicycling in our community; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Stillwater City Council approves an action plan for Stillwater to be a bicycle friendly community by supporting Sustainable Stillwater in its efforts of the following:

  1. To adopt a target level of bicycle use and safety to be achieved within a specific timeframe, and improve data collection necessary to monitor progress.

  2. To provide safe and convenient bicycle access to all parts of the community through a signed network of on- and off-street facilities, low-speed streets, and secure parking.

  3. To establish informational programs to promote bicycling for all purposes, and to communicate the many benefits of bicycling to residents and businesses.

  4. To support city policies and programs to take advantage of every opportunity to create a more bicycle-friendly community.

  5. To encourage establishing traffic laws to improve the safety and comfort of all road users, with a particular focus on behaviors and attitudes that cause motor vehicle/bicycle crashes.

  6. To promote intermodal travel between public transport and bicycles.

  7. To establish a citywide, multi-disciplinary committee for nonmotorized mobility to submit to City Council on a regular basis.

Adopted by the Stillwater City Council this 6th day of July 2021.


Ted Kozlowski, Mayor


Beth Wolf, City Clerk

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