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Troop 132 Joins SSMN in Rain Garden Restoration Efforts - June 19, 2024

On June 19th, Sustainable Stillwater MN (SSMN) welcomed Troop 132 alongside their dedicated volunteers to embark on a mission to restore a vital rain garden and its adjacent bank. Led by Ruth Alliband, the rain garden maintenance coordinator, and Meghan Lavelle, Protect Our Waters lead, the group gathered with a shared purpose: to tackle the persistent garlic mustard population threatening the local ecosystem.

Equipped with knowledge from past experiences, the volunteers came prepared for the task at hand. Dressed to protect against stinging nettle and mindful of potential deer ticks, the team began their work with determination and caution. Throughout the day, participants learned invaluable lessons in plant identification and sustainable land management practices. Ruth Alliband emphasized the importance of recognizing and safely handling plants like garlic mustard, educating everyone on both its risks and the broader ecological impacts.

Beyond weed removal, the event fostered a deeper connection to nature and community stewardship. Amidst the collective effort, one young scout's curiosity sparked a crucial discussion on plant safety—a reminder echoed by SSMN that understanding what you can and cannot consume from nature is paramount.

The collaboration between Troop 132 and SSMN exemplifies the power of community-driven environmental action. As Ruth Alliband reflects, "Each event like this not only improves our local environment but also enriches the knowledge and commitment of every participant."

At Sustainable Stillwater MN, every volunteer action counts. Whether you're interested in adopting a rain garden, joining a community cleanup, or simply learning more about our shared environment, there's a place for you here. Together, we can continue to nurture and protect our natural spaces for generations to come.

Join us in our next initiative and be part of the change. Stay updated and involved with Sustainable Stillwater MN.

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