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Adopt-A-Drain Near Your Home This Spring

"The snow and the ice are gone from our streets!

Cheers!! Cheers!! But now muddy feet!

And how does all that dirt disappear?

The storm drains catch it--never fear!

But then that gunk ends up in the pond--

The water and critters wake up and despond,

"Alas, my first breath is just dirt and junk!

The awakening frog and turtles go "yuk!"

The water is full of salt, sand, dirt, and litter.

Please don't let that happen THIS winter!

THIS March, sweep or shovel up that slop

So polluting our ponds will slow down or stop!"

~ Poem by Louise Watson

Remember: Clearing your curb of "winter grudge" is one way to be kind to the frogs and turtles coming out of hibernation ready to gulp some fresh air and freshwater.

Take a step further in helping our neighborhood ponds, lakes and the St. Croix: Adopt-a-Drain! It's easy and fun to get on the map and see where others have adopted a storm drain. You can even tell how much gunk you collected! That data will help reveal how much of a difference you are making. And you can check to see how others are doing too.

Do you know exactly where your stormwater goes? The Adopt-a-Drain map shows the lakes, ponds, creeks and the St. Croix. You'll know exactly where your efforts are making a difference!

Watch out! This could be habit-forming--you'll never want to stop, knowing how much good you are doing by simply keeping your storm drain, curb and gutter clean!

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