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Bike to School Day Actvities 2019

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

After a wildly successful, event-filled Bike to School week in 2018, Lily Lake

Elementary School went on to carry their own festivities this year and plan to

continue forward with annual participation. Anderson Elementary worked with

PowerUp to celebrate Bike to School day on May 8th as well.

Sustainable Stillwater worked with Rutherford Elementary School, Bike Alliance

MN and PowerUp to coordinate a Bike Safety Rodeo on May 6 prior to Bike to

School day this year. We engaged each of Rutherford’s 112 fourth graders over

four outdoor break-out sessions for a fun, educational course. We provided a

fleet of child-sized bicycles and helmets and taught the kids to:

  • Properly fit a bike helmet

  • Exhibit appropriate form on the bike

  • Signal for turns

  • Look back over their shoulders to check for traffic while riding

  • Come to both complete stops and careful slow-downs at road junctions

  • Safely ride along an obstructed course

  • Ride in figure 8 formation with up to 7 other cyclists, properly controlling speed and yielding to traffic

Each child received a certificate, water and clementines upon completion of the

course and a great time was had by all on a beautiful spring Minnesota day.

Our goal at SSMN is to continue to promote and support Bike To School Day

activities each year in Stillwater until each of our elementary and middle schools

are participating in the event safely and independently, annually. We aim to

grow healthier Stillwater kids!

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