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Garlic Mustard Removal

Needed: Volunteers for a Garlic Mustard Gang! If you see this plant, yank that plant up wherever you legally can! If you prefer to just report it, send a message to It's blooming now, so it's almost too late !! Don't let it get a "toe-hold in a new spot." Research on its control is being reviewed, so maybe next year we will have a management plan. More information at: GARLIC MUSTARD USDA document rn_nrs199.pdf

Keys to Successful Hand Removal:

It’s best initially to pull during flowering, before the plants produce seed.

  • Pull at the base of the plant and try to remove the entire root.

  • Pulled garlic mustard material will still complete flowering and set seed – do not leave it on the ground! Be sure to bag and dispose of pulled plants as garbage.

  • Mowing garlic mustard is not an effective control because plants will still bolt (send up flowers)and seed. To prevent spreading, do not mow garlic mustard when seed pods are present (May-September).

  • Revisit pulled sites as often as possible to re-pull plants that sprout from left behind root fragments. This is especially important later in the spring as seeds develop.

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