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Leading Our Community

Sustainable Stillwater MN members have a goal of monitoring every City Council meeting in order to provide input to the city to make it more sustainable.

We could use your help keeping an eye on the ball in city government. Are you interested? Contact We also recently joined the Greater Stillwater Area Chamber of Commerce to work with businesses to help them green up their operations. Sustainable Stillwater MN gave its first Coffee Talk to Chamber members on October 6, 2021 at the Water Street Inn -- and it was well-received with 30+ businesses attending.

Seen here after the Coffee Talk are presenters (r to l) Roger Tomten, chair; Louise Watson, Natural Resources Workgroup lead; Linda Countryman, GreenStep Cities Workgroup lead; Kelsey Depew, Communications co-chair and Green Business Membership Manager; and Leslie Frick, Outreach Ambassador for the Green Business Directory.

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