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Replace Gas-Guzzling Snowblowers/Mowers With Electric - For Free!

Organizations or companies can apply to the state by November 8, 2019 for free replacement of gas-powered landscape equipment with clean, modern electric versions — but do it quickly! The deadline to apply is November 8.  Grants are available to organizations or companies with less than 500 employees.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has $150,000 in grant funding to replace 2-cycle gasoline-powered landscaping and snow removal equipment with electric-powered equipment.

The average gas-powered push mower emits over 14 pounds of air pollution an hour — the same amount as driving your car 200 miles.

More than $173,000 in grants have already helped 66 businesses and organizations switch to electric-powered equipment, such as chainsaws, pole pruners, lawn mowers, string or hedge trimmers, and handheld or backpack blowers.  

Use or pass this link to the grant application:

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