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Sustainable Stillwater MN Engages Crowd at Stillwater Harvest Fest

Did you catch a glimpse of Sustainable Stillwater MN (SSMN) at this year's Stillwater Harvest Fest? Marked every year on the second weekend of October, this year's fest fell on October 14-15. The event not only celebrates the community’s spirit but was an opportune moment for SSMN to interact with a diverse crowd from across the Twin Cities area, emphasizing our unwavering dedication to sustainability.

Tiffany Parr, SSMN Board Member and Treasurer
Tiffany Parr, SSMN Board Member and Treasurer

The fest was a remarkable platform for us to connect with visitors, particularly those from the Twin Cities area. The SSMN team engaged with over 300 attendees, discussing our initiatives and the larger vision. As a delightful bonus, we handed out popcorn to eager trick-or-treaters.

Stillwater Harvest Fest: A Community Affair: While Stillwater Harvest Fest is undeniably a grand event in downtown Stillwater, its influence extends far beyond, drawing visitors from the entire Twin Cities region. With its reputation for hosting one of the most significant pumpkin weigh-offs and the thrilling conclusion involving the dropping of giant pumpkins from a 100' crane, it's no wonder that the fest is an annual highlight for many.

As we look forward to future events and initiatives, we remain committed to our mission and are grateful for the opportunities to engage with a broader audience from across the Twin Cities area.

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