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Stillwater Area Green Business Directory & Awards Planned

With Stillwater slated to become a biking destination for the Twin Cities with the May 2020 opening of the St. Croix Loop Trail, health-conscious tourists will flock into our city looking for businesses where they can feel good spending their money.  

Let's make sure they find green, sustainable businesses here.

Working with local government and the Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce (we are now members), Sustainable Stillwater MN is organizing and applying for grants to create Stillwater's first green business directory and awards.  Businesses that are certified as sustainable by and other certifying organizations will be eligible for the directory and awards, and will be a part of the extensive buzz we will be creating. Lots more exciting details to come as we build this project.

Is your business ready?  Visit to see what businesses in 42 categories need to do to be sustainable. Update your profile on the bottom of this newsletter and check off  "Green Business" as an interest area if you want to be included in our Green Business Directory and Awards project.

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