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Stillwater Area Green Business Directory Online!

Apply Today at

Our newest project, the Greater Stillwater Area Green Business Directory and Awards at recognizes that businesses are the change agents for healthy growth and revitalization, so our mission is to seek out these businesses and help them reach our audience. The Green Business Directory gives local green businesses public recognition and a marketing boost -- and is also a first-ever shopping guide for Stillwater/Washington County consumers who prefer to spend money with businesses that share their values. (Pictured below Wendy Gorski presents an award to Chuck Dougherty, the Water Street Inn; Madeline Esterl of Cimarron Community Farm; Eric Siskow and staff of Lakeview Hospital; and Tracy Maki of Valley Outreach.) businesses are vetted and certified for their green and sustainable products and practices so you can make informed choices. Businesses qualify using criteria created by our partner organization, a nationally recognized certification nonprofit, Their applications result in bronze, silver, or gold awards, or if they fall short, the data is kept private and suggestions are provided for improvement.

New members include the Water Street Inn. Owner Chuck Dougherty has done an outstanding job making the hotel and restaurant green, sustainable, and resilient, winning 87 out of 80 qualifying points. Among his credits are solar on the roof, waste reduction, community involvement, and certification from the Minnesota Bed and Breakfast Association for sustainability.

Businesses and organizations that serve Washington County are invited to apply now for a free membership at Perks include the use of our official logo, window signs, framed plaques, and oodles of social media promotion. Home-based and single-proprietor businesses and organizations are also welcome to apply!

The project is supported by grants and donations from Washington County BizRecycling, the Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation, Lakeview Hospital, IPS-Solar, the Stillwater Sunrise Rotary, and Stillwater Noon Rotary Clubs.

Our partners, Washington County BizRecycling, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce’s Energy Smart, MNTAP, RETAP, CERTS, and others listed on our resource page provide waste and energy reduction help.

In a nutshell, here are the ambitious goals of the project:

- To reward and encourage business in Washington County to implement strategies to reduce carbon-based energy consumption and reduce waste, to convert to clean energy, to use sustainable materials, to offer fair trade and organic products and food with a positive or neutral environmental impact, and to employ sustainable hiring practices.

- To supply residents and visitors with sustainable products and practices.

- To give businesses that are identified as sustainable a marketing advantage. They will be publicized with feature stories on social media, eligible for awards, and will receive sustainability seals and logos for promotional and advertising purposes.

- To create a campaign to make the Greater Stillwater Area attractive to a new generation of socially and environmentally conscious consumers.

- To cultivate the conditions to qualify the City of Stillwater for GreenStep Cities Step 25 under “Resilient Economic and Community Development” and “Green Business Development.”

- To provide our young people with an opportunity to engage with businesses to help in the fight against climate change.

Businesses: Apply today at

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