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Stillwater Trails - Rules and Etiquette (FREE CLASS)

Do you love the Stillwater trails? Then find out how to make them safer (and more fun) for everyone.

Stillwater Trails - Rules and Etiquette


Sat, Aug 5, 2023 | 9-10:30 am (CT)


Pedego Electric Bikes

1650 Market Drive, Stillwater, Minnesota

Everyone loves the Stillwater trails and more people are using the trails. These trails are considered "multi-use" though so many people can use the trails differently (walking, biking, e-bikes, dog-walking, etc.) This class is for EVERYONE who uses the trails. Learn what the MN laws are for trails, and learn all of the basic rules and etiquette for sharing the trails. These rules are intended so everyone can be safe and comfortable on the trails.

CLASS PARTICIPANTS: all forms of bicyclists (road, trail, fat tire, e-bike, etc), walkers, joggers, and interested residents.

INSTRUCTORS: Rick Heidick, SSMN Chair and Bicycle Friendly Community Workgroup Leader Carl Pentilla, Owner - Pedego Bikes

CLASS CURRICULUM (1 hour, interactive classroom setting): 1. Basic MN laws for trail use 2. Trail design and intended use 3. Risks of the trail 4. Intended rules and etiquette (for all users)

On-trail participation and experience (for bicyclists - 30 minute group ride) * Ride with instructors and learn basic bike risks, handling, and interactions

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