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Bluebirds appeared this weekend!

SSMN has been invited to monitor 10 bluebird houses in the Brown's Creek Trail area. These 10 houses are owned by Gateway Trail Association. Gateway Trail Association has invited SSMN to maintain these 10 houses in order to earn the required one-year of supervised experience in order to get our own bluebird houses to install and maintain.

SSMN is therefore joining the MN Bluebird Recovery Program to take advantage of this opportunity. Please consider helping us with this project.

Volunteers NEEDED:

If you are interested in helping with bluebird house maintenance and monitoring, please contact Louise Watson at

  • SSMN needs one or two volunteers for this year as trainees, and for the following years for continued monitoring and new installations.

  • You are welcome to join Louise this Friday (3/19/21) at Browns Creek Park at Neal Park for the installations in Browns Creek Trail sites. A meetup time will be arranged.

  • Attending the installations this Friday is not necessary. Louise can train you later.

Please let Louise know if you are interested.

Pass this on to others you think might be interested.

Contact Louise Watson at

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