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Bridge The Valley - Bike Rally - Volunteers Needed

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Want to play a role in the success of the Bridge The Valley - Bike Rally on August 15th? Become a volunteer! The Stillwater Sunrise Rotary is looking for several people to be Route Ambassadors. This is the easiest and most critical role when it comes to bicycle safety during the rally.

Bike Ambassadors oversee intersections along the bike rally route and assure all riders cross safely through intersections. All you'll need to do is show up with a safety vest and chair at your assigned location and time. Deadline to sign up: August 11th

The Bridge the Valley - Bike Rally is a Stillwater Sunrise sponsored fundraising event that is supported by Sustainable Stillwater MN. It is happening on Sunday, August 15th. This event is also part of the Stillwater City Lift & Loop celebration that is happening on Saturday, August 14th.

This bike event is a very important part of our SSMN effort to achieve bronze certification for Stillwater as a Bicycle Friendly Community. Also, the Stillwater Sunrise Rotary Club has been a key supporter of SSMN and vice versa.

Sustainability Connection

The bike rally promotes bicycling in the greater Stillwater area. As more residents engage in bicycling, it will become more acceptable as an alternate means of transportation. For many, it is also their preferred method of exercise and activity. This translates into a more healthy and connected community as well as promotes business awareness of bicycling as a means of business growth. A win for everyone!

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