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Help Louie Winslow With Donated Meadowlark Land

Louie Winslow donated his backyard lot to the city as a way to add his unmown land to Meadowlark Park. He also volunteered to maintain it for the city to keep invasive plants out. As you see in this photo of May 25, there are some purple lupine in blossom.

Along with lupine, you will see flowers such as wild geranium and snowdrops, as well as such trees as variegated dogwood, hackberry, locust, fir, white pine, hawthorn, and locust along with 4 ash trees. So there are plenty of shady as well as sunny spots.

He could certainly use some help weeding and maintaining the space at times throughout the summer. If you are interested, just jump on in the patch and go to town!

This is not a Sustainable Stillwater MN project, but we can help him find interested volunteers. After all, it takes a village to make a difference in the village. And when a single person takes it on alone, the village can show support, appreciation, and assistance.

Although the city is not budgeted for maintaining their newly donated parcel, we feel sure that someone in our village will want to lend a helping hand to Louie during summer weeding efforts.

Sustainable Stillwater MN

Natural Resources Work Group

Louise Watson

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