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Making Stillwater a Better Greenstep City Now SSMN's Focus

We’re lucky to live in a state that has created a "how-to" for our cities to green up. Minnesota’s GreenStep Cities plan offers voluntary guidelines for cities to sponsor environmental conservation projects, clean energy, sustainable purchasing, green businesses, local food, carbon-free transportation, and more. Cities then choose measures from multiple categories to implement.

In July, 2018. SSMN members packed City Hall to demand that the Stillwater City Council agree to a resolution to become a Greenstep City. The effort resulted in a yes vote. Stillwater has now attained level two of five levels of sustainability. In fact, the city’s Greenstep administrator, Graham Tait, is part of our GreenStep group, co-chaired by Ann Martin and Sheila Maybanks.

The Sustainable Stillwater MN Board of Directors this past month voted to focus our efforts as an organization on these goals.  We’ll continue to push our leaders toward green measures to avert the worst of climate change: public transportation, waterway protection, speedy conversion to clean energy, comprehensive waste management, energy efficiency, livable streets for bikes and pedestrians, sustainable purchasing, urban forests, habitat and soil improvement, local food, green business practices, and lots more.

Philipp Muessig, the Greenstep director at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, recently told us that the most successful Greenstep cities have citizen advocacy groups like Sustainable Stillwater MN — people who don't just push their cities, and they don't just talk.....They DO. JOIN US!

Learn about GreenStep priorities here: .

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