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SSMN Achieves Main Street Road Diet!

For decades, the straight portion of North Main Street in Stillwater has been a speed ramp in and out of the 40mph zone north of the Zephyr Theater, despite the growing downtown population and increased activity level. But thanks to the efforts of Sustainable Stillwater MN’s Transportation workgroup, the street, which had no lane stripes outside a center lane, now has narrow 11-foot driving lanes with stripes separating the driving and parking areas on both sides of the street. This “road diet” keeps drivers at the speed limit. 

SSMN's Transportation workgroup members pressed for these measures in meetings with Stillwater’s Traffic Safety Review Committee, MNDOT, Public Works Director Shawn Sanders, and Minnesota Rep. Shelly Christensen for over a year. The efforts have paid off. North Main St. now has an extra 30mph sign, a radar speed sign with solar power, and the road diet striping.

Road diets slow traffic, reduce noise, reduce pollution, increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists, and increase property values. SSMN's Transportation workgroup is now analyzing the results of the Summer Transportation Survey, which had nearly 500 participants, to determine its next actions. Questions? Email us at

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