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The "Scope" of SSMN's Volunteers/Allies - Where do you fall?

SSMN is a growing nonprofit, and we have many volunteers and organizations/businesses who help us make Stillwater more sustainable. But where do they fall? Where do you fall? Are they a part of SSMN or do they align themselves with us? At the July Board of Director’s meeting the board approved this new graph and these terminology definitions:

The terms circled in blue are a part of Sustainable Stillwater MN.

The terms circled in green are supporters of SSMN.

The terms circled in black are independent of SSMN but support initiatives.

BOD Members – Volunteers on the Board of Directors. They oversee operations and approve/disapprove initiatives. (5h+ month) | Executive Board Volunteers (10h+ month)

Workgroup Leaders – Volunteers who lead a specific workgroup. (5h+ month)

Workgroup Assistants – Volunteers who help with organizing, planning, and executing initiatives. They work closely with workgroup leaders to accomplish tasks and help initiatives succeed. (5h+ month)

Ambassadors/Contractors – Individuals who represent/promote Sustainable Stillwater MN in the community. Some are contracted to accomplish a particular goal or task.

Event Volunteers – Individuals who come to one-time events to volunteer.

Allies – Independent groups who work with SSMN to achieve an initiative.

Donors – Individuals who donate funds to support SSMN.

Followers – Individuals who follow SSMN on social media or receive the newsletter.

Sponsors – Organizations/businesses that donate funds for a specific event or project.

Funders – Organizations/businesses that donate funds towards SSMN to achieve mission.

Aligned Orgs – Organizations that work independently but have shared goals.

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