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Lily Lake Woods Buckthorn Abatement: A Journey of Dedication

On a brisk Saturday morning, the serene vicinity of Lily Lake Woods echoed with the sound of dedicated volunteers reclaiming the woods from the invasive buckthorn, a relentless foe of native Minnesotan flora. This initiative was part of the National Public Lands Day held on September 23, 2023.

Guided by Ruth Alliband, leader of the Raingarden Workgroup for Sustainable Stillwater MN, a sequence of events unfolded. Starting with September 23, 2023, a part of National Public Lands Day, a group of seven enthusiastic volunteers embarked on the mission. This energy was mirrored again on September 25 when a men’s group from the First Presbyterian Church, spurred on by a Rotarian from the Sunrise Rotary in Stillwater, joined in. The subsequent effort on October 5 saw Ruth, along with her assistant Derek Jemelka, dedicating hours to further the cause.

Notable mentions from the day include Mike Lyner, who diligently documented the transformation; Carley from 3 Rivers Parks District; the supportive Drollingers; Tom Bader, a regular rain garden adopter; and Suzanne, a local Rotarian from the area.

To date, collective efforts have seen progress across three-quarters of the woods. As we anticipate the next steps, our City Forester is considering a plan to ensure the area remains buckthorn-free come spring.

A hearty thanks to everyone who came forth. Your contribution resonates not only in the woods but in the hearts of our community.

Let's keep nature thriving! 🌳🌼🍃

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