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Explore Your Neighborhood Parks, Open Spaces and Trails Day

SSMN declares June 1, July 1 and August 1 as "Explore Your Neighborhood Parks, Open Spaces and Trails" days. Enjoy the outdoors with your family.

Do you know where your nearest neighborhood park, open space or trail is located? How often do you go there to walk, birdwatch, find blooming flowers, frogs, toads, butterflies and bumblebees, dog-walk, lounge, meditate, picnic -- or practice hula-hoop, catch, yoga -- or play badminton and croquet ? .... It's summer now, and time to get out of the house--COVID-safe and sustainably close to home. Or just get out in your own yard to avoid other people. Share your activities and tag:

  • Facebook: SustainableStillwaterMN

  • Twitter: @MNsustainable

  • Instagram: sustainablestillwatermn

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