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Stillwater Steps Up Its Green game

by Leslie Frick (view article in the Gazette)

Enter town from the south on Main Street and you’ll see a sign proclaiming Stillwater a “GreenStep City.” It’s been true since 2018 when we joined cities across the state (now numbering 140) with sustainability and resiliency goals to counteract climate change. Yay!

Minnesota GreenStep Cities is a voluntary program that helps cities achieve green best practices in business, transportation, clean energy, and protection of the environment. The GreenStep Cities Team is made up of volunteers from Sustainable Stillwater Minnesota and the city’s zoning director, Graham Tait.

Together we’ve advanced Stillwater from Step 1 to Step 2, and are working to eventually be a Step 5 city.

“I see GreenStep Cities as the framework to preserving and forging Stillwater as a special place to work and play for both people and animals alike,” Graham said.