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WashCo's BizRecycling Provides Funding Green Business Directory/Awards

Sustainable Stillwater MN has just received a $15K grant - the largest we have ever received - from Washington County's Public Health and Environment Department "to launch the Green Business Directory and Awards.

That provides us with expertise and assistance of the county's recycling/reuse/reduce waste programs for local businesses to green up their operations. The program is designed to reward businesses that are green, sustainable, and resilient and to help them get there. Among the perks are free listings in the Greater Stillwater Area Green Business Directory, launching later this spring. Are you a sustainability expert in any type of business? We would love to know what field you specialize in. Please click the link that says "Update your Preferences" at the very bottom of this newsletter, choose "Green Business" as your interest area, and we'll keep you in the loop.

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